16,5 cm (6.5") Kickbass Speakers


The CRUNCH GTS series offers top sound, good efficiency and easy installation! The good performance is due, among other things, to the use of expensive Y30 magnets, which, even with a smaller size, outperform some optically larger specimens. The GTS loudspeakers are also up-to-date in other respects: the spiders are additionally ventilated and the compos have an additional pole core bore for even better cooling. For the cone, the developers opted for a polypropylene version, which delivers the best results in terms of sound. Due to the linear frequency response of the loudspeakers, it is possible to use very small cable crossovers, which are designed separately for the tweeter and woofer. 


Sturdy Steels Baskets with moderate Installation Depth
Y30 Magnet Drivers
Polypropylen Cones
Sturdy Speaker Grilles


2 x 165 mm Midbass
Power Rating 100 Watts RMS 
Power Rating 200 Watts MAX 
Impedance 3 Ω
Frequency Range ​59 - 5000 Hz
Installation Opening 144 mm
Installation Depth 60 mm


Instruction Guide

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