20 cm (8") Active Subwoofer System


The active subwoofer system CRUNCH GP800 with real amplifier heat sink and integrated 20 cm woofer is the solution for space-saving sound tuning. Thanks to its slim dimensions, the system can be installed anywhere and is equipped with a bass remote. It has all the features on board that you need to operate the installed subwoofer, including enough power reserves for enormous bass fun.


Lowpass Filter 50​~150 Hz
Bass Boost 0​~12 dB
Phase Shift 0/180°
Subsonic Filter 15​~40 Hz
RCA Inputs, High Level Inputs
Auto Turn-On
Bass Level Remote Controller


20 cm (8") Subwoofer
Class A/B Amplifier
100 Watts RMS, 200 Watts MAX
252 x 73 x 354 mm


Instruction Guide

€ 199,00

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